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Seattle has been experiencing some particularly gorgeous spring weather lately.  So nice, in fact, that I scrapped my plans for an oven-based dish in favor of something cool and refreshing. Like a cold soup! Gazpacho has been on my to-do list for awhile and the sunny, breezy weather on Friday finally presented me with the perfect opportunity.

The recipe: I like all things tomato and spicy, so this recipe fit the bill.


Quick recap: If you are good at chopping veggies and have a good food processor, then gazpacho is probably the easiest meal ever. I used some fresh tomatoes in addition to the canned ones and added some parsley. I served it with some chicken picata and leftover dinner rolls.

gazpacho 2

The verdict: It tasted like… gazpacho! So if you like gazpacho, make it – it’s easy and healthy.


You can probably tell by the title of this post that my body was craving something healthy — now that I’ve entered a new decade, I can’t handle all that birthday pizza, beer, and  the heavy chicken tikka masala like I used to. I looked around the kitchen and found a bit of barley and bulgur wheat. Both are nutrient-rich and good for soups and salad. But could you put them together and make them into something that actually tasted good? Ummmmm sure, that’s challenge worthy.

The salad (before I extracted the onions)

The salad (before I extracted the onions)

The recipe: I usually use barley in soups and bulgur wheat to make tabbouleh salad. I wanted to try something a bit different. This Orange-Dijon Bulgur Wheat Salad recipe sounded delicious and different.

Quick recap: I had to cook the barley twice as long as the bulgur wheat. I also doubled the dressing (and used honey mustard instead of dijon + sugar). I also added some raisins, cooked scallions, and roasted almonds (because nuts make everything better). I didn’t have edamame so I used peas.

The verdict: Holy red onion! Those things are potent – so much so that I decided to fish them out of my otherwise deliciously refreshing salad. They usually don’t bother me this much, so maybe I bought a bad onion? I’ll be using sauteed or sweet onions next time!

The neglected onions :(

The neglected onions 😦

This challenge has motivated me to go through all of those dusty cookbooks that have been sitting on my bookshelf since I moved in. I found a recipe that was a little bit of a mystery: I couldn’t figure out if it would come out like a quiche, bread-covered artichoke, or some mix of the two. Sounded like a challenge-worthy, low-key dinner alternative.

The recipe: Listed under the “hot appetizers” section of a community cookbook:

The "artichoke squares" recipe

The “artichoke squares” recipe

Quick recap: I picked up some 99-cent parsley at Pike’s Place Market on the way home. I used parmesan and mozzarella instead of cheddar and added some garlic. I only had one jar of artichokes so I only used three eggs.

Pike's Place Market is not just for tourists

Pike’s Place Market is not just for tourists

The verdict: The nice thing about this recipe is that is is very versatile. Not only can you throw in just about anything you want into the batter, but you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or serve it as an appetizer (as the recipe recommends). And the taste verdict is… it tastes like a mix of quiche and bread-covered artichoke!

It looks like a quiche...

It looks like a quiche…

But once I scooped it onto a plate, it seemed more like bread-covered artichoke...

But once I scooped it onto a plate, it seemed more like bread-covered artichoke…