Ever been to Nando’s Peri-Peri? Or cooked meat over a flame? Or been to Africa or Portugal?  If so, you probably know how not difficult my decision was to leave the city to go camping for the weekend with a steak and some North African/Portuguese (in origin) peri peri spice in hand. I wouldn’t call this one of my tougher challenges, but it did involve bringing two items together that I had never cooked or eaten together before.


The recipe: Peri Peri spice (purchased at Penzey’s Spices) + steak.

Quick recap: Covered steaks with peri peri spice. Made fire. Place marinated steaks on grill. Enjoyed.

The verdict: Spicy! There is a kick! But very flavorful and nothing close to my usual steak marinade. It made me think that I was in a foreign country… perhaps somewhere in Portugal… or in northern Africa!