I came home late last night and wasn’t in the mood to cook. But I was hungry and needed to fulfill my challenge in some way, so I opened the fridge and looked for inspiration. A bag of wilted spinach, a packet of half-eaten bacon, and the sharp red onions left over from my recent bulgar/barley salad stared right back at me. An internet search revealed that spinach + bacon + onions = appetizer spinach balls. They would be ‘dinner spinach balls’ tonight!


The recipe: This recipe for spinach balls contained lots of good stuff that I already had — like cheese, bread crumbs, and eggs. The pictures also looked delicious! Realizing that spinach balls would not make for a filling dinner for two people, I looked for a “quick” dinner roll recipe. This 30-minute rolls recipe only estimated 15 minutes of dough-rising time. Perfect for someone who is hungry and impatient!

Previously neglected onions + fresh spinach

Previously neglected onions + fresh spinach

Quick recap: I pre-cooked the onions (very necessary after my recent debacle) and the spinach (since I used fresh and not frozen). I played around with the spices and breadcrumbs, taking full advantage of a thyme plant in the garden. I used olive oil (instead of butter) and 1/2 whole wheat flour for the rolls.

The verdict: Spinach balls are delicious! Forget dinner spinach balls – I am bringing appetizer spinach balls to my next party.

spinach 5