DC’s Julia’s Empanadas got me hooked on these meat-filled pastries. Located around the corner from my office, they soon became my go-to, on-the-go meal. No empanada I had living in Peru lived up to Julia’s… and I have yet to find any of note in Seattle. But could I make something that even remotely resembled Julia’s prefect balance of sweet and savory? Probably not, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try!

emp 4

The recipe: I found this recipe for ground turkey empanada filling that sounded pretty good. I used this recipe for the dough because the author called it “easy” and it included step-by-step instructions.


Quick recap: Easy? Really? What homemade crust recipe is easy? It wasn’t difficult, just time-consuming and a bit labor-intensive. My dough made six large empanadas, but I had trouble getting the dough really thin. I used a bowl to make the circles of dough and baked the empanadas at 375 degrees for 15 minutes instead of frying them. At least the turkey recipe was easy!


emp 2

emp 3

The verdict: Definitely not Julia’s, but they weren’t super far off. I wasn’t crazy about the crust (dry and too thick), but the filling was really good  (and it was even better with leftover guajillo chile sauce). (Oh, and in case you were curious, these empanadas also passed the Saturday late-night, slightly inebriated-eating test.)

emp 5