I lived in Peru last year, where quinoa was a protein staple (along with every other animal meat possible). Unlike the potato, I can still eat quinoa. But I am definitely not as psyched about it anymore. So, I challenged myself to make something with quinoa that wasn’t a salad — and included some kind of vegetable that I am afraid of — like butternut squash! Okay, I think I’ve cooked with butternut squash before (maybe once about 10 years ago) and I really love it’s rich, slightly sweet, hearty flavors. But it is just so huge! And it’s shell is so tough! It is just so easy to stick with yellow squash or even acorn squash…

butternut squash

The recipe: Martha Stewart suggested that I make a quinoa pie. If Martha likes it, then it can’t be horrible, right? (PS – Did you catch Martha’s latest talk on NPR? She is sassy — and she dated Hannibal Lecter.)

Quick recap: I needed a recap on how to peel a butternut squash. I didn’t realize that you could do it with a regular vegetable peeler. Huh – that was easy. I didn’t have sage leaves, so I added extra dried sage. Cooking the squash and the quinoa was pretty standard.

quinoa pie 3

The verdict: It did not look as classy as Martha’s pie (mine kind of looked like a giant mound), but it was much better than I ever expected (and really good for you). We went back for seconds… and then thirds. Maybe I’ll even make a crust next time. And yes, there will be a next time. And I will definitely be cooking with more butternut squash.

Wow, this looks funny.

Wow, this looks funny.

It kind of looks like a pie slice when it was plated.

It kind of looks like a pie slice when plated.