Seattle is an active place to live. With all the hiking, biking, running, mountain climbing, kayaking, and rain-dodging, we are often on the go and in need of an easy, healthy snack. I have been shocked at how quickly we go through granola bars. And I have been equally shocked at how expensive (and full of sugar!) granola bars are. So granola bars seemed like a fitting challenge for this month. (Also, I didn’t feel like making a big meal after my Day 20 challenge).

granola bar

The recipe: I used this simple recipe as my base. It seemed quick and didn’t call for butter or oil. I added flax seeds, sweetened coconut flakes, and dried cranberries, reducing the amount of agave the recipe called for (because I barely had any left!).

Quick recap: Uh oh – I didn’t have enough batter to fill up my baking tray. Also, my batter seemed much dryer than the photos in the recipe (I had to press it into the cookie sheet). Even though I only left them in the oven for 15 minutes, I still managed to slightly burn the bottom of the bars (even though this is not the first time this has happened this week, I will blame this on my awful oven).

granola bar 3

The verdict: Luckily, despite all the mini disasters, they still seemed to come out okay. I’m not sure if they taste more like hardened cookies or like hardened oatmeal… but they are strangely addicting… even slightly burned!