Falafel is one of my go-to sandwiches when I eat out, but I wouldn’t have ever considered making it had it not been for this challenge.  Was there really any point to spending all that time putting together all the side dishes, sauces, and making pita when I could just buy a falafel sandwich down the street?

Believe it or not, this will turn into falafel balls

Believe it or not, this will turn into falafel balls

The recipes: I was inspired by this recipe posted yesterday from another blogger – I followed the recipes for pita and falafel almost exactly. I like adding pickled cabbage to my falafel sandwich so I found an easy recipe for it. I also made some hummus and spicy yogurt dip (adding cucumber).

Quick recap: I decided to skip the refrigeration part of the falafel recipe and bake them in an oiled muffin dish (40 minutes at 375 degrees). This sounds like a lot of work, but with the help of a super efficient kitchen helper (thank you, Mark), I think the cooking aspect only took about an hour. I was shocked at how easy it was to make pitas (mine were half whole wheat by the way) — and how much they actually looked like pitas!!!


The verdict: This was worth the time and effort! Not only did it make TONS of falafel, but it was not hard and tasted shockingly authentic (and very delicious). (I would just use less salt in the falafel and fewer cloves in the cabbage). We both agreed that this was one of the best challenge meals so far. (And I honestly don’t think I will ever buy pitas again…)

falafel spread