Have you ever seen these red bags of red peppers and wondered what they are used for? So had I until a friend whipped up a batch of chile salsa using them and it was absolutely divine. I was interested in trying to make it myself and thought that it would go well on pulled pork for yesterday’s challenge.



The recipes:

  • Chiles: I used this Epicurious “Toasted Guajillo Chile Salsa” recipe, but added a bit of sugar, cumin, a roasted tomato and half of a roasted onion. Oh, (going off memory from what my friend had done), I baked the chiles and other veggies at about 400 degrees for 5 minutes.
  • Pulled pork: I essentially used the ingredients from this recipe and plopped them in a crockpot, taking advantage of the keg of homebrewed black IPA we have in the fridge (yes, I’m bragging).
It takes up half the fridge but it's worth it.

It takes up half the fridge but it’s worth it.

Quick recap: Whoa – the roasted guajillo chiles really make the kitchen smell… pungent! You may have to open the window to avoid a serious coughing attack. Also, be careful not to overcook the chiles (cough cough… like I may have)… unless you like a slightly charred flavor. As for the pulled pork — it was in a crockpot and you really can’t mess up cooking stuff in a crockpot.

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The verdict: The chiles? As good as I remembered them! The pulled pork? I should have used pork shoulder instead of pork loin as it came out a tad tough (maybe you can mess up cooking stuff in a crockpot?). But nothing more chile sauce and spicy pear salsa couldn’t fix!