Chai is one of my favorite drinks, but something I had never even considered to make… until this challenge. It’s also the perfect thing to make when you need some caffeine for a weekend road trip (hence the blogging hiatus) and you just don’t feel like baking or cooking!

The recipe: This recipe looked authentic and didn’t call for condensed milk (which I didn’t have).

Quick recap: I got to take advantage of my close proximity to Pike’s Place Market and visit MarketSpice to pick up some cardamom pods (which I hadn’t ever used before Lentil Dahl day). I may have used black peppercorns, more water, and skim milk in my version of the recipe. So much for authenticity!

Some of the spices I used to make the chai.

Some of the spices I used to make the chai.

The verdict: The whole apartment (and car) smelled like a tea shop/foreign land. I like tea shops and foreign lands, so this was a good smell! Now that I have the proper spices, I’ll be making this more often.