Just like Edmond’s baba ghanoush, I have been known to finish a bucket of this dip in one sitting (another one of my Mediterranean Deli‘s specialties).

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The recipe: Epicurious is one of my go-to online recipe sites and this “Roasted Red Pepper, Almond, and Garlic Dip” earned rave reviews.

Quick recap: Easy is an understatement! I think the whole dip-making process took about 7 minutes start to finish – even with briefly roasting the almonds. It helped using canned roasted red peppers.

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The verdict: Wow – the next time you are thinking of what to bring to a bbq, bring this! It didn’t taste like my deli’s dip, but it was still delicious. Once we killed the bag of pita chips, we looked for other ways of using the dip. It turns out that this dip is also very tasty on Senegalese chicken yassa leftovers! But beware – the one clove of garlic really packs a punch!

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