My fridge is full. of. leftovers. Usually, this is a great thing. But there are only two of us participating in the eating part of this challenge, which means that I need to be a bit better about portion-size and meal type. Thus, I knew that today’s challenge would not be a main course. And no more noodles or pasta.

In the effort to clean out the fridge and utilize items I already have in stock, I decided to let the refrigerator point me in the direction of today’s challenge:


I have a whole bag of carrots in my veggie drawer. How do I turn my bag of carrots into something snack-sized and tasty? Carrot muffins! I love carrot muffins – how have I never thought to make them before?

The recipe: Carrot/ginger muffins won! I found this recipe and I had all the ingredients on hand. Otherwise, it was an easy and accurate recipe to follow.

Quick recap: I used 1/2 whole wheat flour, added flax seeds, and used a bit less sugar than was called for.

photo (56)

Shredding the carrots was my least favorite part of this challenge.

The verdict: Delicious. I only wished I had used fresh ginger to really bring out the ginger flavor. And these are leftovers that – worst case – I can freeze or give away.

My batch made 12 large muffins (one may be missing from this photo, however...).

My batch made 12 large muffins (one may be missing from this photo, however…).