My first official 30-day challenge* is an ambitious one: I need to try out a new recipe or use a new ingredient every day for 30 days. 

Before giving up on me, note that I really enjoy cooking and trying out new ingredients. This challenge will only force me to continue expanding my cooking repertoire, finally cook those dishes I have been forever putting off (Senegalese chicken? Mustard! Perhaps a Malaysian daal) and to make sure I do something new every day (not just occasionally). And anyway, it’s better to start off ambitiously, right?

I plan to post the recipe and a picture of the dish/ingredient/meal each day and my comments on how it turned out, so please feel free to send me ideas or favorite recipes.

March challenge ON!

*Disclaimer: I only decided to make this ’30-day challenge thing’ official after achieving my February 30-day challenge of writing in my journal every day, which I easily mostly accomplished. So yes, my March challenge is already too ambitious…